17 Feb 2015

17 Feb 2015

SeaLinks: Long Range Backhaul



SeaLinks: Long Range Backhaul

SeaLinks is Long Range Backhaul PtP high performance to offers carrier-graded high capacity

SeaLinks_Wireless Long range

(up to 200Mbps). Extreme long distance operation (up to 78 km). Design criteria: any time, any where, any condition and lifetime care-free. Large number of frequency bands. Very high secured wireless links. It can operate all weather outdoor, extreme interference conditions. It is ideal choice for long range wireless backhaul. Targeting growing demands for high bandwidth connections, high secured long range wireless links, low installation costs, quick ROI, operations at large number of frequency bands. Flexible deployments and future developments.

Technical Highlights

  • Up to 200 Mbps PtP.
  • 3.1-4.4 GHz and 4.4-6.4 GHz licensed and unlicensed bands.
  • On-flight encryption.
  • Power boosting.
  • Operable in all weather conditions, extreme interference environments
  • MIMO OFDM 2×2.
  • VLAN; SNMP, NTP, QoS,….
  • Long distance  (up to 78 km).


  • High capacity extreme long distance.
  • High secured encryption links.
  • Backhaul for mobile operators, ISP, service providers, Oil and Gas industries.
  • Backhaul for Offshore industries

Customer benefits

  • High capacity, high secured, all weather, extreme strong interference operations.
  • Flexible, low operation cost, quick ROI.
  • Large number frequency bands.
  • Simple operation.