11 Dec 2018

11 Dec 2018

N640 Serial Wifi BT Adapter



N640 Serial Wifi BT Adapter


  • Industrial Serial Wifi Bluetooth Adapter for bi-directional data transmission from serial RS232 port to Bluetooth and wifi.
  • Standalone and plug and play

N640 Datasheet

  • All configuration settings can be carried out by AT commands or web interface
  • Wifi 2.4 GHz band- Serial Wifi Bluetooth 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1 and backward compatible to Bluetooth v2.1, v3.0, etc.
  • Long distance wireless range: up to 300m for wifi and 150m for Bluetooth
  • Application: Automotive, industrial sensors, smart home, etc.
  • DC power: 5-12V
  • IP60 for all weather operations
  • RoHS, REACH and IEEE Compliant Solution

General Specifications


WLAN Technology IEEE802.11bgn
Frequency 2.4GHz
Device type Standalone
Configuration and Connection Web interface
Active Power Save Green Tx & Low Power Listen
Wifi range 300m
Default Wifi SSID NORSTAR@
Default Password NORSTAR@
Power Supply 5-12V DC
Bluetooth version 4.1
Bluetooth Profiles GAP, GATT, SPP, SPPLE, HID, AN, BAS..
Bluetooth range 150m
Default Bluetooth ID NORSTAR@
Default Bluetooth PIN 1234
Standards RS232
Interface DB9
Check Bit 8N1
Flow Control No
Handshake CTS/RTS
Baud rate Up to 960 kbps
Protection 15kV
Protocols TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP client/server
Default factory IP address)
Default factory gateway
Firmware Norstar firmware
Real-time Operating System (RTOS) ThreadX
Clouds on default Amazon AWS, Norstar cloud
RF Characteristics
Rx Sensitivity
Wifi 2.4 GHz band
CCK 1 Mbps -94 dBm
CCK 11 Mbps -87 dBm
OFDM  6 Mbps -91.5 dBm
OFDM  54 Mbps -75 dBm
HT40 MCS0 – 92 dBm
HT40 MCS7 – 69.5 dBm
Tx Outputs 17 dBm
Rx Sensitivity -89 dBm at 1Mbps

-83 dBm at 3Mbps

Tx Power 10 dBm Maximum


Physical Characteristics
Operating Temperature -20͑°C to +85°C
Dimension (LXWXH) 76mm x 31mm x 16mm
Weight 58g+/- 1.5g tolerance


Power Supplies

The N640 Serial Wifi Bluetooth Adapter can be powered through 5-12V DC.